Our Mission


Our Mission

The mission of Ibn Seena Academy is to seek the pleasure of our Creator by providing students of all religious backgrounds with a high quality education while instilling firm moral and ethical values so that they will become productive, upstanding citizens.


In August of 2003, Ibn Seena Academy opened its doors to the children of the Greater Orlando area. This Academy is unique because it offers a full academic curriculum together with a practical study of the Quran and Islamic Studies.

Many parents have told us that they want their children to study the Holy Quran but they find it difficult to send them away from home. Other parents have indicated that they do not want to completely sacrifice their child's secular education while he or she is studying the Quran. We realized that there was a great need for a unique academy such as Ibn Seena Academy - one that will prepare our children for the Dunya and also for the Akhira. Ibn Seena Academy provides an environment where these children can be nurtured in an Islamic environment, free of drugs & the other evils of modern society.

The goal of our academy is to teach the understanding of the Holy Quran while providing a sound academic curriculum in an Islamic environment so that our students will, Insha Allah, be successful in this world and in the Akhira. We offer classes in Quran, Arabic language, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Our academic levels range from Grades Pre K through 8th. We offer a strong, proven, academically challenging curriculum. Our middle school curriculum is designed to exceed the Next Generation Florida Sunshine State Standards. Our teacher-led curriculum covers all subject areas required by the Florida Department of Education. These courses are taught by instructors who are certified in the subject area being taught.

As Muslims, we know that there are no more messengers coming to remind the people. It is therefore our responsibility to teach this Deen, first to our family and then to the rest of mankind. Our children will be the doctors, engineers, scientists, and other professionals of tomorrow but they must also be trained in the Fara'id of Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Our curriculum at Ibn Seena Academy has been designed with this in mind so that our students can develop the character and life skills, which will Insha Allah, ensure their success in both worlds.