Admission Information

Admission Information

Information for the 2022-2023 school year

      Ibn Seena Academy is a full-time elementary and middle school that provides instruction from Pre-K to Grade 11. We have a limited capacity for specialized instruction such as certain special education students; hence we may not be able to accept students who need such services. Any student found to be in need of specialized services beyond our capacity would be asked to withdraw from ISA and enroll in such schools/institutions that can provide those services. Admission is open throughout the year if space is available. Students are admitted to the appropriate grade level after evaluation by the Principal and other applicable entry tests. All potential new students must be accompanied by their parent in an informal interview with the staff and administration of Ibn Seena Academy


Admission Process

Students will not be admitted to classes without the proper age verification, previous school records (if needed), and immunization records. The admission procedure is as follows:

  1.  Application form is to be completed and signed by both parents and submitted with $250.00, which is non-refundable. A completed application is required for each child.
  2. The following completed forms are also required:
  3.  Emergency Form
    1.  Student Pick Up Form
    2.  Along with the application, the following documents will also be required:
    3.  Social Security number for each child
      1.  Birth certificate for each child
      2.  Previous school records: end of year academic report card, FSA and their standardized scores.
    4.  Up-to-date Immunization
    5.  Physical Health Examination Records
    6.  Psychological/social/developmental reports, and any other relevant information
    7.  Allergy and/or any medical condition
    8.  Any other information