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Islamic Studies

      Ibn Seena Academy offers a very comprehensive Islamic Studies course. It is important for our students to know where they came from. It is even more important for them to know where they are going. For this reason, we put a great deal of emphasis on the quality of our Islamic Studies curricula. In order to satisfy the educational needs of the whole child, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes a strong Islamic Studies program and a strong secular program.

      Our Islamic Studies curriculum includes a study of the Quran. This course is designed for students who are functioning at any one of three levels: beginning, intermediate and advanced. The beginning course of study consists of the Dursul Quran Course which teaches our students to read the Arabic language. The intermediate stage is designed to develop fluency in the art of recitation of the Quran. It also includes a general study of the meaning of selected verses of the Quran. Our advanced students continue to perfect their recitation of the Quran with proper tarteel and tajweed. In addition, students go deeper into the tafseer of the Quran.

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