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4th Grade Curriculum

Quran Memorization and general meaning of Suwar Ad-Duha, Al-Lail, Ash-Shams, Al-Balad, and Al-Fajr. In addition, students will review the memorization of Sura Al-Fatiha, Suwar Al-Inshirah to An-Nas
Islamic Studies A continuation of the I Love Islam series of Islamic studies textbooks. This series continues to introduce Muslim students to the essentials of their faith and bring to light historic and cultural aspects of Islam. Each book of the series is designed to emphasize the aspects of Islam which are appropriate for the 4th grade level. This elementary school series will cover many aspects of Islam including Iman, Fiqh ul-Ibadat, Fiqh ul-mu'amalat, Qur'an, Hadeeth, Seerah, Islamic character education, and the Muslim world
Arabic A continuation of the study of Arabic as a foreign language. Students will use the ICO Learn Arabic series which is designed to teach Arabic to English-speaking children. It offers the latest methods of second-language instruction, with special emphasis on building the four linguistic skills needed to learn a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The program introduces linguistic elements, such as words, expressions and grammatical constructions, through the use of real-life situations.
Reading Reading children's classics (Robinson Crusoe, Famous Legends, Island of the Blue Dolphins); developing critical thinking skills
Phonics Developing skills through lessons coordinated with reading, spelling, and composition; activities in phonics workbook
Spelling & Vocabulary
Completing daily exercises in spelling; building vocabulary
Composition Using the four-stage approach to write factual, creative, and descriptive compositions; organizing key words into phrases using shape planners; writing poetry and letters
Grammar Introducing verbs of being; verb tense; regular and irregular verbs; pronouns; subject complements; comparing adjectives and adverbs; punctuation skills
Mathematics Featuring Singapore Mathematics Standards Edition which is aligned with the standards adopted by the California State Board of Education. Number fluency to the millions place value, approximation, factors, multiples, order of operations, and negative numbers; Multiplication and division by a 2-digit number; Fractions equivalent fractions, adding, subtracting, mixed numbers, improper fractions, fraction of a set; Geometry measuring angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, quadrilaterals, triangles, circles, solid figures; Area and perimeter of rectangles and composite figures; Decimals to the thousandths; The Four operations of Decimals; Congruent and Symmetric Figures; Coordinate Graphs and Changes in Quantities; Data Analysis and Probability organizing and analyzing data, order of outcomes, bar graphs, line graphs; Measures and Volume Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing measures, cubic units, volume of a rectangular prism
Science Classifying living things; matter; electricity and magnetism; animals; water; human body; rocks and fossils
Poetry Reading for pleasure
History Using Hillyer's A Child's History of the World to conduct general survey of world history from earliest times to present; featuring a history workbook with outlines and enrichment activities
Geography Comparing regions geographically; enhancing map-reading skills
Art Improving skills using lines, light sources, and motion; integrated with history studies

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