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Tuition and Fees 2018-2019

Application & Registration Fees

Pre-K3  $50.00 
VPK only  FREE 
Pre-K4 wraparound (other than VPK only)  $50.00 
Kindergarten-8th, returning students  $250.00  
Kindergarten-9th, new students  $300.00  

Supply Fees

Pre-K3  $100.00 
VPK only  $0.00 
Pre-K4 wraparound (other than VPK only)  $100.00 
Kindergarten-8th  $0.00  


Pre-K3  $6,250.00 Annually or $625 Monthly 
VPK only  FREE 
Pre-K4 wraparound (outside of VPK hours)  $4,000.00 Annually or $400.00 Monthly 
Kindergarten-5th  $7,000.00 Annually or $700.00 Monthly 
6th-8th  $7,000.00 Annually or $700.00 Monthly 
9th  $7,500.00 Annually or $750.00 Monthly 
Special Ed services  $1,000.00 Annually or $100.00 Monthly 

      Tuition will not be prorated for daily absences or vacations. Tuition is due by the 1st of each month starting in August, 2018. In the event that tuition is not received by the 5th of any given month, parents will be notified that the student will be dis-enrolled from the school on the 7th of that month.

Other fees

      Students are allowed the in-school use of textbooks, workbooks and technology. Students are required to take care of the books and computers and return them at the end of the year. Parents will be assessed additional fees if the books are not returned or if they are returned in poor condition, or if a student damages a computer.

      Parents are required to sign a contract that gives specific information on payment arrangements. Tuition is due in full for each month regardless of the number of days your child attends school. If your child is sick and does not attend, the payment will not be reduced and no compensation will be made for hours or days missed. The tuition will remain the same for months in which there are long holidays. ISA reserves the right to alter the calendar or school times at any time throughout the year. Such alterations do not change the parental requirement to pay full tuition.

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